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PBS Special: Mark speaks to audience PBS Special: Mark speaks to audience

Boundless Potential
Transform Your Brain, Unleash Your Talents, Reinvent Your Work

What is the lifelong potential of the human mind? Might we have skills, talents and intellectual powers that we are not aware of? Based on seven years of original, in-depth research into remarkably reinventive men and women, as well as the latest breakthroughs in brain science, psychology, human performance, creativity and happiness, this unprecedented series of programs offers an exciting, original blueprint for transforming our brains, unleashing our talents, and reinventing our work at any stage of our lives and careers. Click here to view PBS Special >>

Mastering the Language of Leadership
Generating Buy-In, Commitment and Action in the Workplace & Marketplace

Moving up the ladder to the top, your ability to communicate vision and strategy, to generate understanding, buy-in and positive action becomes paramount. In a deeply practical sense, the capacity to project credibility, to connect and communicate superbly determines an executive’s ultimate level of success. This highly-acclaimed “actionable learning” program promises to produce a significant, measurable breakthrough in your personal impact and effectiveness in influencing others in any setting – from small group sessions, to team and employee meetings, major speeches, important conversations, high-pressure Q&A or media interviews. Click here for Media Coverage >>

The Essence of Leadership
Developing a 21st Century Mindset

Through the power of exclusive, in-depth case studies and interviews with leaders in business, sports, government, education and the media, this extraordinary set of programs examines what it takes to successfully manage oneself and others in the new century:  What’s needed to create and sustain peak performance? How do leaders effectively manage uncertainty, fear and failure in fast-moving times? Is there a secret formula for producing unpredictable results.  Click here for Media Coverage >>


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